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Summer Glam: Achieve Effortless Beachy Vibes with Lightweight False Lashes

Summer is here and it’s time for fun in the sun! Every year we can’t wait for those amazing days in the sun, with long evenings keeping us joyful. Whether you’re at home or away, it’s time to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves.

One thing that can be tricky to maintain is our look when we’re outside for days at a time. Hair can get messed up if we’re at the beach, and lash extensions have required a lot of maintenance. This can be quite time-consuming and oftentimes expensive. At Method Lash, we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to keep your lashes looking amazing at an incredible price.

It takes a little bit of planning to keep your summer eyelash extensions looking incredible, but it is definitely worth it. Summer lashes don’t have to be tricky anymore. Gone are the days of fixing lashes in bathrooms while you’re at a pool party!

At Method Lash, we combine lightweight false eyelashes with some amazing accessories to help your lashes stay in place and look fab for extended periods of time. We have some of the best lightweight false lashes and the strongest adhesives to help them stick. 

We are here to break down our eyelash care recommendations for when you are at the beach, though these practices can be applied in any situation. We will give our best lightweight false lashes recommendations alongside our best care tips!

Natural Look


Mascara can wash off so easily when getting in and out of the water, not to mention the heat beating down on us! Having a natural look for the beach is an absolute win in our opinion, and we have just the accessory combo to create that.

Flourish 12mmFlourish 12mm

Start off with our Flourish Lashes. These lightweight false eyelashes are so delicate you won’t even really remember they’re there. They give amazing length without appearing too bold, which is perfect for those long days at the beach.

We’d definitely recommend grabbing this amazing sealant and adhesive product as well. The Diva + Diamond adhesive and sealant duo will ensure the lashes are on with extra strength, as well as having some hydrophobic properties. The sealant also helps to prevent dirt, sand, and debris from entering the lashes as well. This means you can simply wipe off environmental debris with ease.

Our Prevail lashes will also work wonderfully well. They are slightly longer but still feel great even when worn with glasses. Apply some of the Diva + Diamond glue and sealant and you should be good to go for 7-10 days! It’s perfect for holidays. Simply apply a small, hair-like layer of this glue to the base of the lash.

Bold Look


We all love a glammed-up bold beach look in summer. Whether it’s a hen party, gathering with friends, or just a fun family day out, we love getting glammed up at the beach. At Method Lash, we have some amazing lightweight false lashes that carry some serious shape!

Scandal 14mmScandal 14mm

Our Scandal lashes are bold, bossy, yet modest. They are absolutely perfect for all of these occasions. A fabulous tip for an even bolder look is to use the Method Lash sealant. Our sealant comes in two colours: black and clear. Both varieties protect the lashes wonderfully well, though the black adds some extra bold colour to your look.

Please ensure to lightly pinch your lashes at night and in the morning with the applicator. This reinforces the bold look and contributes to the lashes’ longevity. Dive into the pool on holiday without worrying about having to go reset your look. These lashes are meant to give you a carefree, lush holiday look. 

The Glamour Lashes we have are an even more bold, sultry look. Having them paired with the sealant will give them a long, happy life bringing your eyes some incredible attention. Nothing quite evokes the feminine allure more than these bold lashes. Enjoy them for 7-10 days with our added sealant and adhesive!

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Shorter Lashes

audicious lashes

If you’re more of a shorter-lash girl, don’t worry we’ve still got you. People that don’t want to wear mascara at the beach but will also prefer a more natural look will definitely want to have a look at these. 

Our Audacious Lashes will be perfect for this situation. They are natural yet bold, short yet give a fantastic amount of length, and perfect for summer. Apply our amazing sealant to get some incredible looks out of this lash for 7-10 days!

We hope you have found what you are looking for with your summer eyelash extensions. We have all the best summer lashes across our website as well as all of our fabulous accessories. Bring your summer look to life with the best lightweight false lashes.


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