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Spooky & Spectacular: DIY Lash Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is one of the best holidays in our opinion. Parties, dressing up, spooky things, and sweet things, it is a recipe for fun! At Method Lash, we love going all out no matter what the holiday, but Halloween is always a great time to really go for it. Dressing up and adding some flair to your look is so fun.

We, of course, always include eyelash extensions in our Halloween looks. Halloween Lashes don’t just have to be bold and beaming, they can be subtle and alluring. It all depends on what you’re going for really. We have all the best Halloween lashes depending on what you’re dressing up as.

While we only offer our range of eyelash extensions, we know they are the perfect basis for a fabulous Halloween look. We’ve got some fantastic Halloween eye makeup ideas, as well as some of the best lashes for Halloween. Spooky lashes are one of our favourite things to come up with each year!


bloody look

One of the classic, low-hassle looks for you to try (or repeat) this Halloween is the bloody/corpse look. Having some blood running down from your eye, cheek, or any other facial region helps to give that ‘dead’ look that is an integral part of the Halloween aesthetic. Fake blood sells in crazy amounts every October.

One thing we know works is black against red. Having some fab eyelash extensions can help to elevate this bloody corpse appearance. You can still look good on Halloween even if you’re supposed to be dead!

Things like a corpse bride, true crime victim, horror movie star, and more are fantastic ideas. We have a lovely selection of bold eyelashes on our website. Some of our thicker more glam lashes will be your favourite lashes for Halloween we’re certain!


witchy look

Having some longer, wispier lashes can get you in the witchy spirit this Halloween. Adding some wonderful length to your lashes, alongside some black eyeshadow can add that magic dimension to your eyes. Add a witches hat on top, maybe a mini cauldron and you’re good to go! 

Having our fabulous lashes on your wonderful eyes this Halloween is much less hassle than you might think. Our lashes are durable, strong, and bold. They will last for 7-10 days so they can cover you for a few different events. Switch up your Halloween eye makeup ideas while keeping these lashes for ease.

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sexy look

In our opinion, all of our lash extensions will help to add a sexy vibe to your look this Halloween. Anything from the longer, wispy lashes to the bolder, more alluring ones will compliment your look. We have a directory on our website that can cater to all eye shapes, styles, and occasions as well.

Whether you want to go for a more ‘traditional’ costume idea or for a more unique, contemporary one, we have lash extensions that will suit all ideas. The barbie look is really popular at the moment and would suit some of our medium-length options.


funny look

Go all out on the hilarity this Halloween. We think that the bold lashes can be the difference between a funny look and a hilarious, over the top one. There are so many options this Halloween of famous figures to emulate, historical characters, and contemporary figures that can benefit from some bold lashes.

We hope you have enjoyed reading a bit about some of our ideas for your Halloween costumes. We hope that our lashes can have a bit of a feature in your Halloween costume game. Remember, our lashes will last for 7-10 days so feel free to use them for multiple events on the trot!


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