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Starter Set - Sunset - The Exclusive

Diva Glue - White Original Tip
Diva Glue - Black Original Tip
Diva Glue - White Mascara Tip
Diva Glue - Black Mascara Tip

Sunset is Unlike any other design of Method Lash!

This is a Beautiful Exclusive Limited-edition Lash created in partnership with the amazing @CBStyled.  

Sunset has been created with our thinnest black band, and a blend of lash lengths. Sunset brings bold fibres, a weightless design, and a beautiful Wispy natural curl.  Unlike any other lash style!

Blended length: Inside corner: 9mm - Outter longest edge:  14mm

Sunset will not last long, and when it is gone it is gone. Are these lashes are custom, the boxes are custom, created in partnership!! @CBStyled has been part of our #community since we Launched our Business In December. She has been so generous of her time and following and so encouraging of us as #entrepreneurs. She was a natural choice for our Very first Exclusive Partnership. Thank you for being so fabulous!!

This listing is for the Starter which will ship with your choice of Diva Glue and our Method lash Applicator.

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