Optimist. (11-14mm)

Multi layers of lashes give it a natural realist look.  The blended lengths of fibres create a beautiful whispy look. Optimist is tapered to give a beautiful lift on the ends. She gives that cat eye appearance with a flawless finish. She is perfect for the hooded eye.

This progressive natural lash is set on a a clear band and gives a eye turning pop! 

Optimist is a blended 11-14mm blended lash and is part of the Bandless Collection.  

Our Bandless lashes are set on a super fine clear plastic band making them invisible!

TIP: with the Bandless lashes – for increased comfort be sure you trim the edges of the band if it is longer than the lash’s edge on the cluster. 

**Be careful when removing the lash cluster from the packaging as this lash is very delicate. Be sure to use the applicator and to pull gently on the full cluster - not single lashes or they risk detaching from the cluster.**