Amour starter kit (12-13-14 mm)

White with original applicator tip
Black with original applicator tip
Black with mascara applicator
White with mascara applicator

Ultra glamorous. Lots of spiky definition. Tapered and sultry. Great for the office, a date night, weekend away with the girls - or anytime you want to feel especially sexy! 

Amour is a lash of its own kind. She adds texture to the almond! Once you have her on - you will not even know shes there. She is in a class of her own.  

An Amour is a love affair - precisely what will captivate you with this lash. She is unique in her design – she is a tad saucy and a lot sweet. Amour was launched as a Valentine’s Day exclusive but when she sold out – you begged to bring her back – so here she is!

This item includes

* Method lash compact

* 3 pairs of lashes

* Full size diva glue

* Rose gold applicator 


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