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Bewilder 12mm - The Brown Lash Collection



Bewilder 12 mm - The Brown Lash Colleciton

Let this lash bewilder you.

To bewilder is to amaze, to baffle - you didn’t know a lash could leave you feeling this good. This lash is 12 mm of soft brown fibres; set on a super soft cotton band for maximal comfort and long wear. She is the lash you will never leave home without. She is a natural beauty.

For the woman who wants a subtle pop to her eye without the hassle of mascara and make up. For the women who loves the no makeup look but wants to sass it up. This lash is even for the women who wears a bold lash on the daily and wants to tame it down. This lash can be worn for multiple days and you will never get sick of her. Allow yourself to be awed by this lash.