Indulge starter kit (16 mm)

White with original applicator
Black with original applicator
Black with mascara applicator
White with mascara applicator


She’s everything you want in long volume lash. Shes lightweight with a very natural appearance - however an over achiever in length. Indulge is little sassy, and a lot saucy 16mm. She is the rebel big sis to Influence. Truly a classic lash with an added edge of length. Indulge adds a little extra flair to the deep eye. Don’t be fooled she is loyal to her girls.

She will really accentuate the prominent eye, and the monolid.

This kit includes:

* The Method lash compact 

* 3 sets of Lashes.

* The Method Lash Diva Glue

* The Lash Applicator.