Influence starter kit (12 mm)

White with original applicator
Black with original applicator
Black with mascara applicator
White with mascara applicator


Influence is one of our most versatile yet universal and best-selling lashes at 12mm. She is ideal for all eye shapes and sizes. This customer favourite is designed with subtle volume; it blends perfectly with your natural lash to add a little bit of extra to the daily routine. Influence will keep you coming back for more!  

Influence will give you the volume of a mascara - without all the hassle.  This lash usually leads to more – once you get familiar with the look and feel of the at home extensions – you will want them longer and more full. Influence will be the crush that keeps you wanting more!

This kit includes: 

* The Method Lash compact

* 3 sets of Lashes

* The Method Lash Diva Glue

* The Lash Applicator.  


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