Optimist Bandless Lashes

The optimist.

They have arrived. This Bandless beauty is a nearly naked design with our thinnest band. This feather-like lash gives a 3-dimensional pop with its flawlessly fluffy look. The optimist is a wispy blended lash that will provide a beautiful Full appearance to any eye!

The Optimist is a blend of lengths with a graduated finish. Starting shorter on the inside, getting progressively most luxurious as you reach the outer corner - with 5 clusters.

14mm at the outer eye's corner to 10mm at the inner corner.

This is a single Lash box.

Be sure you add the Diva Glue in Clear or Black to secure these gorgeous enhancements.


**Please note - in an effort to get these amazing lashes into your hands - we have created a smaller packaging - this is only a temporary packaging and rest assured we will bring these Bandless lashes to you in our beautiful boxing very soon.**