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Starter Kit - The Anniversary Collection

White Original Tip Glue
Black Orginal Tip Glue
Black Mascara Wand Glue
White Mascara Wand Glue

This is our most exciting launch of the year. 

As our First Anniversary approaches we wanted to bring excitement.  

VIXEN 12mm Bold and Sassy

Scandal 14mm Bold and Beautiful

Affair 16mm Boldest Big sis.  


You will not be disappointed.  If you want to use each lash seperate, or create a progressive look all of your own - You Go Girl!!!

This is for the Anniversary Box Starter Kit - which includes, Lashes (3 pairs), a Method Applicator, and a Diva Glue of your choice.



Method Lashes are made of a blend of synthetic fibres which are held together with a super soft cotton band for the most comfortable weightless wear, handmade to perfection. 

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