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Starter Set - Moly - the Dolls Eye Exclusive

Diva Glue Variation

The first ever Dolls’ Eye Lash from Method Lash.

This Dolls eye look - is like no other Method Lash.  It is a blend of 12mm-15mm, synthetic, dark fibres - with a Clear band (similar although slightly thicker than our Bandless Bands).  It is light, whispy and purely gorgeous.

This Lash was created in partnership with Ashley Colberg a Powerhouse business woman and mom!  @ashley.Colberg & @glowupco_ has been with Method since our Launch - always supportive and with a true kind and generous heart!!  We could not be more excited.

This listing is for the Starter Set which includes your choice of Diva glue and Lash Applicator!!


Method Lashes are made of a blend of synthetic fibres which are held together with a clear band for the most comfortable weightless wear, handmade to perfection.

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