The Method Lash Subscription Packages

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The Method Lash subscription packages include quarterly shipping of the following:

  1. What is Inside the BOX?
    • 3 Boxes of Method Lash Subscription exclusive lash sets (5 sets of lashes per box).

    • 3 Diva Lash Glue in White or Black.

    • A free Exclusive GIFT available to Subscribers only

    • Subscription Box will ship quarterly - allowing you the option to change your selection of Method Lash Styles up until 30 days prior to shipment of your next Method Lash Subscription package. Changes will not be allowed after that 30 days deadline.

    • You will have the choice to select up to 3 different selections of Method Lash Styles and these styles can change with each shipment.

    • Cancellations - you are able to cancel your membership FREE of charge pending that it is not within 30 days of your next Method Lash Subscription Lash box shipping date. After that 30 day Deadline you will only be able to cancel your Subscription for the NEXT subsequent Shipping date.