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Team Method Ambassador Starter Kit - Indulge

White with original applicator
Black with original applicator
Black with mascara applicator
White with mascara applicator

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Are you interested in becoming a Team Method Member?  

Method Lash has launched it's Independent Team Ambassador Program! This Set includes your enrolment Fees to become a Team Ambassador and the Full Starter Set.

This kit includes: 

3 sets of Lashes.

The Method Lash Diva Glue

The Lash Applicator.  


This is a lash every girl dreams of, the lightweight and fluffy look is sure to make any eyes pop! It is the perfect lash to take from the office to a girls night out.

Available in 16mm for a look to turn heads!

 Method Lashes are made of a blend of synthetic fibres which are held together with a super soft cotton band for the most comfortable weightless wear, handmade to perfection.


**Upon purchasing this SET - you will be contacted and emailed an invitation to enroll in our Independent Brand Ambassador Program!**