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The Dos and Don'ts of False Lash Application: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone has their own fave pair of fake eyelashes and the preferred way how to apply them. That said, they may pass along info or techniques that may not serve you as well. For lash lovers like us, we want to make sure everyone has a positive experience with false lash applications

Sometimes, one bad experience can ruin it all for you. You don’t want a lash suddenly drooping off while you’re talking to someone. How about when traveling through a bustling airport and one of your lashes just…disappears. Those seem like horrifying experiences that we won’t want happening to us and even you! 

Enough of scaring you. Let’s just get into some little helpful tips and some don’ts to make your false lash application a normal and non-intimidating process. 

Do Customise

If you’re lucky, you can open up a fresh pair of faux lashes and use them immediately. That can happen! If not, you need to prep them before use. 

What does prepping fake eyelashes look like? A snip here and there and measurements come to mind. A good first step beginners can take if they want to know how to apply fake eyelashes long-term is to get to know their lashes. 

Every time you open a pack, hover them over your lids to check if they’re the right length. If not, cut them to size. This is a controversial tip since not a lot of folks agree on cutting fake eyelashes. It really depends on the lash you get. Cheap ones will be a good place to start, but they might need some extra personalization if the options are slim.

Don’t Use Too Much Glue

For easy eyelash application, avoid using too much glue. This is a step that’s particularly difficult for the newbies as they might not know how much is too much. A good smear of glue is one that’s free of noticeable globs. You want an even spread. If you’re new to the lashes themselves, find out where to grip them properly so that your hands don’t block your view during this important application step.

Method Lash Application Tweezer
Method Lash Application Tweezer

Lash Tweezer - For Precise Application of Method Lash Clusters


You’ll see pretty soon that globs drip! Dripping glue is just a bad time. They can get everywhere fast. You might even glue your fingers together or, worse, your tweezers. Eyelash glue is also clear, so it’s easy to miss during clean-up. Some might drip on your cheek and you’ll only notice when you’re applying makeup. That’s just a bad time.

Do Be Patient

On the topic of how to apply false eyelashes, one must always let things dry. You need a little patience for that. Once you apply glue on the lashes, you don’t just plop them on right away. Let it set a bit and then you place them on. That’s why globs should be avoided! 

If you’re layering lashes, the same goes. Let it set before you lay on your second pair. Your lashes might not look right when you’ve just applied them so it’s important to give it some time and you might just see that you’ve done it correctly.

Even the easiest eyelashes to apply need some time to get used to. Don’t expect to master false lash application after a couple of sessions. 

Don’t Skip The Mascara

We love false lashes with that natural mascara look (that’s why we sell them). If you don’t plan on meeting anyone or don’t have scheduled meetings, you can get away with not applying mascara. But we urge you to regardless! Think of it as practice for when you really need to.

Prevail 14mmPrevail 14mm
Prevail 14mm

Prevail 14mm - Natural Lashes


Applying mascara may help you hide those little mistakes when applying false eyelashes. So, yes, you apply mascara AFTER lash application, not before. And remembering our earlier tips, let your glue set before laying down your line! Glue can seriously mess up liquid eyeliner and we wouldn’t wish that even on our worst enemy!

Do Figure Out Your Own Process

Listen, lists and tips are helpful and all - but you should really find your own way on how to apply fake eyelashes. The person giving you tips may have all the time in the world to apply their lashes while you might not. Even different climates can make your glue stiff or loose. 

Once you apply enough false eyelashes, you can get the hang of how to do them efficiently and perfectly!

Applying Lashes in a Flash

We hope our handful of tips helped you in your journey. Method Lash believes in you! You can be a lash-applying expert in no time.


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