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How to


Become your own lash artist!

**We have other videos available on request to see simple application tips!**

First – select the Luxury Lash style you wish to apply.  Ensure you have your 1) Applicator, 2)  a cotton pad saturated with either: a) rubbing alcohol b) Micellar Water or c) Eye make up remover and 3) your Diva Lash Glue.

STEP ONE:  Carefully remove one segment from the box and either: apply a small amount of glue to its lash line of the lash (for the Original Tip Glue)  and allow glue to get tacky for 15-30 seconds. OR if you are using our mascara wand applicator simply apply the glue directly to your natural lashes (focusing on the base).

STEP TWO:  Then with your non dominant hand - gently lift your eyelid and apply the lash segment under your lash line.  Please be careful not to touch the inside or your lid – the applied lashes should feel weightless and comfortable. **Ensure your applicator is cleaned with your cotton pad between segments to prevent the lashes from sticking to the Applicator.

STEP THREE: Repeat steps One & Two -  carefully placing each segment next to the previous one with a slight overlap to allow for a seamless appearance and  continue these steps until the eye is complete!!

TIPS:  If your lash starts to lift - use the Method Lash Applicator to carefully press the lashes to "re-tack" them and set the glue!  Do not squeeze too hard!  **If using the Mascara Glue – it will be best to wait 1-2 hours before you pressthe lashes to avoid the Applicator sticking to the lashes.

REMOVAL: For safe removal of lashes DO NOT simply pull them off your eye as this can remove your own lashes. Our favorite product for lash removal is an oil based make up remover and a cotton pad or cotton swab. Simply apply the Oil-based Eye makeup remover or Micellar Water  to a cotton pad and lightly swipe down on the lashes, or if using a qtip simply roll the qtip at the lash line  and the lashes will slide off.

LASH CARE:  While you are wearing your Method Lashes please be gentle with them and avoid excess heat and water to prolong the bond.  To cleanse the lashes simply dampen a mascara spoolie and roll through out the lashes daily or as needed.

CLEANING: To remove the adhesive from the lashesafter removal the best adhesive remover is Isopropyl alcohol - or rubbing alcohol. **Do notuse Isopropyl alcohol when lashes are on the eye.

**Full how to videos avaliable - contact us on instagram @methodlash


Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions - Contact Us on the website and/or instagram.