How to


Become your own lash artist!

Method Lash makes it simple!

Step one:  Select the luxury lashes you wish to apply.  

 - Remove one segment and apply a generous amount of glue to the lash line and allow glue to get tacky for 15-30seconds.  

Step Two:  Apply the Lash to the bottom of your lash line - yes under! Please be careful not to touch the waterline (the inside or your eye lid).  

Step Three: Repeat.  Grab the next segment and carefully place it next to the first segment with a slight over lap, continue until the eye is complete!!

 TIPS:  If your lash starts to lift - use the Method Lash applicator to carefully pinch the lashes to "re-tack" them.  Do not squeeze too hard!

REMOVAL:For safe removal of lashes DO NOT simply pull them off your eye as this can remove your own lashes.  Our favorite product for lash removal is a Micellar water and a cotton pad: 

 - Simply apply the Micellar Water to the cotton pad and lightly swipe down on the lashes and they will slide off.

CLEANING: To remove the adhesive from the lashes after removal the best adhesive remover is Isopropyl alcohol - or rubbing alcohol.  

      **Do not use Isopropyl alcohol when lashes are on the eye. **

Full how to videos avaliable on our instagram page @Methodlash