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1. Q:  How long do the lashes last?   

    A: With proper care and attention your lashes should last at least 3-5 days.

2. Q:  Do the lashes go above my lashes or underneath.  

    A:  Method Lash is designed to go below your natural lashes for a                longer and more natural look.  

3.  Q:  What can I do if my lashes start to lift?  

     A:  Make sure you are gently "pinching" the lashes with the applicator at night and in the morning - not only will this strengthen the bond of the lashes, it will prolong the wear of your lashes also!

 4.  Q:  How do I remove the lashes?  

      A:  With a Micellar Water cleanser, or eye make up remover - you can simply apply it to a cotton pad and gently “swipe” down on your lashes the Lash Extensions will come off.  If one cluster that has a stronger hold - simply hold the cotton pad to the cluster with the Cleanser or remover on it, and allow some time to saturate the cluster.  It will then gently remove.

5.   Q:  When I apply my lashes sometimes some glue gets on the Applicator and the clusters stick to the applicator - how can I stop this from happening?  

       A:  Have a cotton pad with you that has some make up remover on it or some “Rubbing Alcohol” and wipe the applicator free of glue if some gets on it.

  6.  Q: How do I get the glue off the cluster?  

       A: You can use rubbing alcohol to cleanse the clusters - be careful - the clusters are hand-made with a delicate banding - which make them very fragile.

   7.  Q: Can I re-use the clusters?    

       A:  Some people have been able to re-use the clusters after cleansing the adhesive off - be sure they are rinsed of all alcohol prior to putting them close to the eye.  Again the lashes are quire fragile and therefore re-suing all the clusters might not be possible.