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11 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners To Look Next Level

We’re all about the eyes here at Method. And while we think everyone’s peepers look beautiful as they are, one could always appreciate going one better to make them look extra pretty. That’s where eye makeup techniques come in! 

We’ve got something for the young and even eye makeup tips for older women. Age doesn’t define who can or cannot beautify their eyes. Let’s get to it!

Basic Shades Are Important

If basic shapes are the building blocks of a good drawing, then basic shades are the foundation of a masterpiece. They may look simple and people often want their eye makeup glittery or unique to stand out. But, if used correctly, basic shades can dazzle!

When choosing eyeshadows or powders, try opting for basic colours. Once you get the hang of how to apply them correctly, they make a world of difference and it’ll show.

Each Tool Has Its Purpose

A bigger brush allows you to apply makeup more generously. A finer, thinner brush allows for more intricate strokes. Find your style and find the right tools for the job you need. Also, don’t mix your brushes. If you’ve used a brush for your eyes, don’t use the same on your face. Your face is obviously dirtier than your eyes, and you wouldn’t want to contaminate them.

Learn to Blend

Creativity and resourcefulness can be a great combination when talking about eye makeup. Before you go splurging on a new palette, why not use your other basic shades to create a new look? We understand that when you find a shade that works well, you want to use them over and over again. But, when you’ve burned through your shade and don’t have a backup, you’ll want to make use of your other colours!

Slow and Steady

We know you can’t help it sometimes. BUT if you’re always in a rush, it shows when you do your makeup. A steady hand is needed especially when doing your eyes - from applying faux lashes to eyeliner. A shaky hand can make all the difference. If you notice your fave personalities applying their makeup, notice how they take the time when doing their eyes. This not only allows them to apply their makeup correctly but also allows them to avoid poking their eyes.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Speaking of fave personalities, beginners can learn so much by watching beauty influencers do their makeup. From using spoons to create a liner outline or using a hairdryer to warm your lash curlers, people online have the most unique tips that will be uber helpful! And, c’mon, videos are more helpful than written explanations! It’s a universal fact!

Speaking of videos, here’s a tutorial on how to apply lashes. It has a detailed explanation AND a video running you through the steps. It’s the best of both worlds!

Warm Up

No, we don’t mean stretching before applying eye makeup! One nifty eye makeup technique is warming your mascara or sealant to avoid it getting clumpy. Products like this Lash Sealant will actually tell you that it may freeze in certain temperatures. The same goes for liquid liners. If your liquid makeup is difficult to apply that means they won’t look as good. You can rub the bottle as if you were trying to start a fire to give some natural heat or submerge the canister in a bit of warm water to loosen it up. 

Spend A Little More For Quality

We know the price tags can be tempting, but the saying “you get what you pay for” holds true. Using cheap products can leave you with some reactions or give you rashes and may eventually scare you off from trying others! As far as eye makeup tips go, it’s best to shell out a little extra moolah if you think you’re getting a clearly better product. 

Take Method’s lashes. They’re lighter and made with sturdier fibres compared to other cheap ones. Plus they feel lighter. So, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth especially when you’re just starting out.

Prime With White

One great makeup tip for hooded eyes? White liner! You may have come across white eyeliner and thought, “Who on earth uses them?” The pros often make use of it to make the eyes look more alive. Hooded eyes have a tendency to look rather sleepy, and this is a fab counter for that. Also, priming eyes with a white liner before the main one can also make the eyes look bigger and more expressive!

Avoid Using Your Hands For Intricate Work

Using your hands to apply lashes isn’t a good idea for a couple of reasons! First off, the glue you’re using may rub off on your fingers. Your lashes won’t know where to stick! Next, if you’re heavy-handed, the lashes you’re applying could get a little crooked.

How do you combat this problem? Use a clean and reliable pair of tweezers!


Smooth Saline…er… Sailing!

To repeat, applying clumped products makes the end result look awful. But clumped products are just inevitable especially when you don’t put on eye makeup often. What else can you do when warming them up won’t work? Get some saline solution and add a drop or two to your mascara tube. This can greatly improve consistency! Do apply only a bit. Saline solution and lash glue actually don’t mix - it can make them fall off easier. So, just a few drops will do.

Ask Questions

Last and certainly not least, ask questions. For beginners who have a makeup appointment set for a wedding or fancy gala, ask your makeup artist questions if you are genuinely curious about how to apply makeup. Ask them for eye makeup techniques that you can do at home to reach the desired result. If you’re not keen on asking your makeup artist or are just too shy, ask a friend!

Eye Think You Got It!

Method Lash has paved the way for comfortable, high-quality lashes. The fibres used to make them soft and feel weightless - yet they’re still durable! To top it all off, they are safe for allergy-prone skin. Everyone deserves a levelled-up lash, that’s for sure!


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