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How To Apply False Eyelashes at Home

Don’t lash out! Whether you’re used to it already or just curious as to how to apply false eyelashes for the first time, we bet we have some useful tips and tricks for you. After all, even the most seasoned, professional chefs can still learn a thing or two from others.

If you want glamorous lashes, you needn’t head to a salon. You can get lavish lashes at home! What are the steps, what do you need, and can you do it alone? Let’s find out. Plus, we even threw in some recommendations so that applying lashes at home can be extra easy!

Step 1: Do Your Makeup First

eye makeup

The first step on how to apply false eyelashes for beginners? Do it near the end of your makeup routine. It’s recommended that you do your traditional lashes after applying eyeshadow and eyeliner. You might still need that liner after placing your lashes (to conceal it). And speaking of what you’ll need…

Step 2: Get Materials Ready

If it’s your first time, it might get confusing quickly. Laying out what you’ll need beforehand will make things easier. Plus, you don’t want to fiddle around and bring out your regular lashes when you’re ready to. You might accidentally drop it or lose it - If something is going on your eyelid, you want it clean! Oh, speaking of clean, you could handle your lashes with a pair of tweezers!

Apart from the lashes, you also need some glue and a lint free bush. And, if it needs to be said, use a lash glue. Don’t just use any glue you can get your hands on! You may also need a clean pair of scissors if you want to trip your lashes, too. If you think it will help, you can lay down a small paper towel on your table to make things more sanitary and visible.

Now, if getting ready already sounds too complicated, consider getting a lash kit from the get-go. You can find some lash kits here on this website, in fact! Those will have everything you need - and Method Lash Kits are even better since you’ll have options to choose from, unlike other lash kits.

Step 3: Come Prepared

One great thing to remember when learning how to apply false lashes is that you can trim them down to size! That’s what your scissors are for. If you have your lashes, hover them on your eyelid and see if they’re longer than they need to be. If you’re on the fence about trimming, you can always get ones that have your preferred length.

Your local shopping mart may have some lengthy lashes, but chances are that they’ll be limited. It can also be rather difficult if your preferred lengths are more niche! Just take a look at our lash page and you’ll see that we’ve got different lengths AND styles. You can shop for lashes that match your eye shape. The Method Lash way is the better way to go!

Step 4: Apply Lashes 

Got your lashes, got your nerve (it’s best you have a steady hand), and got your glue? Then let’s apply some lashes! When beginners are too hung up on how to apply false eyelashes for the first time, they might forget to consider where to actually put the glue!

If you’re new to this, chances are that the regular lashes you get will be needing this procedure followed. Place glue on the lashes (and make sure to place the glue evenly and avoid globs). An even coat means it’ll dry nicely and simply look better. Once the glue has been applied, wait 30 to 45 seconds before positioning the lash on your eyelid and pressing it down.

Still nervous? Here’s where we can help. Method Lash goes below your natural lashes - which may be different than how mom or your friends apply theirs, right? That’s because it is. By going under your actual lashes, you get a more natural look!

Applying Method’s lashes is a more comfortable and easy experience. No need to force your eye closed and no more fears of glueing them shut either. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us.

Step 5: Finishing Up 

apply eye lashes

We mentioned this earlier, but you can totally apply a bit of eyeliner to make your applied conventional faux lashes look better. If you're new and still not sure how to apply false eyelashes, check out your finished work before going on to the next one. See what mistakes you may have made and apply necessary changes if need be!

Now, here’s where we can help again. If you noticed that your lashes feel weighty, that’s because the ones you got are. Method Lash designed their lashes to feel weightless - as if they were your natural lashes. Weighty lashes may get uncomfortable as the days go by. With ours, you get light, comfortable, and uber-durable lashes.

What’s more, you can go about your day or week (our lashes can last for 3 to 7 days!) without any eyelash fuss. You can even wash your face as per usual - seriously, no routine will be bothered! 

Extra Tips

  • You can clean your lashes by using a lint free brush and an alcohol-free cleanser. This is particularly helpful if you notice dirt and buildup forming on your faux lashes.
  • To remove your lashes, don’t just yank! Use a good lash glue remover. This can do wonders.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you CAN find products that are safe for you to use, just like all the lashes here from Method Lash. They’re meant to be safe for those with allergy-prone skin!

There’s A Method To The Madness

There you go - Now you know to apply false eyelashes. For beginners, newbies, and glam goddesses, we recommend skipping the rest and starting with the best - and that’s the lashes we have here at Method! 

What Makes Method Lashes Different From Regular Ones? 

  • They can last at least 3-7 days, others will feel uncomfortable to wear after just one!
  • They feel softer and lighter to wear and the fibres are not weighty on your natural lashes, others are made from stiff and cheap plastics
  • Method Lashes go UNDER your lashes, making them easier and more comfortable to put on. Other lashes require you to place them on top of your lashes - which can be difficult to put on
  • Most lashes will fall off when you wash your face, but we embrace washing with our lashes on
  • Method Lashes are high-quality and safe for sensitive and allergy-prone skin

Curious to learn more about how to apply Method Lash's eye lashes, check out the complete guide here


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