April 05, 2021 2 min read

Hello Method Babes! 

The response was so great from my first post I felt compelled to share more of our story with you all!!


We have both trialed various lash types over the past 6 months and have come together - with our amazing manufactures and will bring forward only our best, favorite, weightless designs to you! We have trialed strip lashes but feel they are heavy and only last for a evening out or day trip!  

At Method, we wanted to produce a product where anyone could apply our Lashes - in a simple, easy to follow technique and they would simplify mornings, take the work out of vacations and empower us all to feel our best and most confident selves.  


We have simplified the way we do lashes at home by creating smaller pieces!! Now why did we do that?  These smaller segments allow you to customize the look of your lash to match the shape of your eye flawlessly.  Instead of cutting down the lashes yourself - having them in small segments of each set of lashes comes already cut. Some Smaller eyes may only require 4-5 segments, while others will use all of them! Extra segments can even be stacked to the outside of your eye to created a bolder look! 


Choose the look you dream of!  You can choose to use all one style or integrate them together to create your own flair! We want lashes to be FUN! Because we are certainly having a blast behind the scenes!


We would love to hear you favorite look, your most luxurious blend! Don’t keep it a secret - SHARE THE LOVE.  

Leah Johnson-Coyle
Leah Johnson-Coyle

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