April 08, 2021 1 min read

Something for everyone. Literally.

Our lineup is growing to meet your ever changing and expanding wishes and requests.  With the exception of a just a couple more styles - the Method Line-up is mostly complete.  (Unless of course we are wowed to design another style!  

Now lets talk in terms of Length and Fullness!

Subtle and shortest (lightest to fullest)

Opulent- Subtle and 12mm

Flourish - Natural Mascara look - 12mm

Influence- Bold Mascara look - 12mm

Vixen - BOLDEST lash now in a 12mm length


Mid-length to create more length and lustre

Prevail - Full with POP - 14mm - #1 Selling Style

Long, Bold and Beautiful

Conquer - Full with length and Flair - 16mm

Indulge- Natural with length - 16mm

Affair - BOLD and Beautiful - 16mm

Variety Sets: 

LOVE Collection:Includes, Influence, Prevail and Affair

Day to Night Set: Opulent, Infleunce, Influence, 


What might you see next?  Something BOLD and short?  The missing connection. Some subtle and super short?  

What is your GO-TO? Which will you try next?

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Leah Johnson-Coyle
Leah Johnson-Coyle

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 We are Method Lash.