March 30, 2021 2 min read

Thank you for being here!!  


We are Method Lash. 

Well let’s back up.


We are Leah and Shelby. Nice to meet you. We are 2 moms from Northern Canada - who have come together to build a brand that is not only Socially conscious - but also that is uplifting and helps women rise up.


Two short years ago Shelby developed an allergic reaction to the glue from her Lash Extensions. The allergy was so severe that her eyes would swell up for a minimum of 2 days and was not able to leave the house for that time! But she LOVED those extension. So she eventually found a glue she could use - and lessen the reaction, but that only worked for a short time.  


Leah is a Nurse Practitioner working in Palliative Care with a passion for public service and a love for empowering women. We have known each other for many years and our friendship has been strong even though we live 5 hours apart! When Shelby approached Leah with the dream of a product that would allow women to do their own lash enhancements at home - it was a no brainer.


So, we started working. We have trialed approximately 20 glues, to be sure they were sensitive enough for Shelby’s eyes, but effective enough to hold the lashes in place. We always wanted the glue to be a Vegan socially conscious product - and so was born the Diva Glue. A strong grip invisible glue is long lasting and a force to be reckoned with.  This glue is Cruelty Free and Vegan making it suitable for sensitive eyes.  It is latex-free, formaldahyde-free and hypoallergenic. Soon also coming in Black!


We want to serve our audience in a way that is inviting and always coming back for more! We want our clients to walk along with us, and be excited for all the things we have coming - in partnership!  


We are so excited you are here with us. Please send some things that you dream to see - and Method Lash will do our best to serve you!!  


Shelby and Leah


Method Babes

Leah Johnson-Coyle
Leah Johnson-Coyle

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