Method Lash - Lash Sealant

Seal the deal with Method Bond - the Lash Sealant.
**Please be aware this Product is at risk of Freezing in cold temperatures.  Be mindful of that when ordering - NO REGULAR PARCEL SHIPPING.

This Lash Sealant will remove the tackiness from your Diva Glue when your lashes are setting and make your lashes even more water resistant!  

This is a game changer in saving even MORE time to your mornings. Simply paint the Bond on your lashes to extend the wear of each set and remove any tackiness!!  We are so excited for this product!!!♥️

Pro Tip- Paint your applicator with the bond prior to pinching your lashes! This will solidify the bond with the adhesive to your lashes! #GameChanger


*** this item cannot be shipped with regular mail - any orders shipped via Regular parcel shipping - will not be considered for Replacements - thank you.

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