Affair starter kit (16 mm)

White with original applicator tip
Black with original applicator tip
Black with mascara applicator
White with mascara applicator

She is one of our most dramatic lash adds instant lift and glam to the eye.  Volumous and fun, shes is 16mm and designed with light weight lash layers that build to a dramatic look. She is absolutely unforgettable. She is the big sis to Vixen and Scandal - but she is the life of the lash party. Once you try her - you won’t go back!  

She pairs well with the monolid, and prominent eye shape. 

You will have zero regrets with this bold Affair lash.

This kit includes: 

*The Method Lash compact

* 3 pairs of lashes

* The Method Lash Diva Glue

* The Lash Applicator.  


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