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Audacious - Method’s Cashmere Lashes - 10 - 12 mm



They are the life of the party. Audacious & Vixen are Vivacious. Born to bring out the best in all women. This is short, bold and the best combo for a weekend away for silent but sexy type.

They are a match made in heaven. The shorties are made for the girl in glasses, the monolidand the almond shaped eye! They are proof you do not need length in a lash to be bold, Audacious is the shortest lash with the boldest base and Vixen is just dreamy! Packaged together is HOT.


At Method, our lashes are handmade with love and attention.  With that said there may be slight differences from one strand to the next.  So don't be alarmed if one sets slightly different from another - it was likely made by a different pair of careful loving hands.