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Conquer starter kit (16 mm)

  • White with original applicator
  • Black with original applicator
  • Black with mascara applicator
  • White with mascara applicator


Our top selling Lash Prevail just got a little more sassy! This lash is most like Prevail, full, FUN and BOLD - but its length is longer at 16mm - length comparable to the Affair lash, or the Indulge.

This is all you need to get started and fall in Love with Method Lashes!!

This kit includes: 

* The Method Lash compact

* 3 sets of Lashes.

* The Method Lash Diva Glue

* The Lash Applicator.


The Conquer Lash Collection is sure to be a Bold fan favourite. The weightless design provides a flawless look that might mimic your favorite Volumizing mascara - without all the drama.

  • Perfect to adore all on its own.
  • Available in 16 mm

Method Lashes are made of a blend of synthetic fibres which are held together with a super soft cotton band for the most comfortable weightless wear, handmade to perfection.