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Diva + Diamond Adhesive & Sealant Duo



Diva ➕ Diamond Adhesive in Black & Sealant Duo

Diva ➕ Diamond Adhesive - A new and improved longer-wear lash adhesive! This glue is designed for the sensitive eye, with maximal results! Formulated to perfection, to withstand even more wear and last even longer - up to 10 Day secure hold. This glue is the mascara wand - in black. 

Rest assured this glue still follows our strict Vegan, Cruelty free, clean formulation standards but packs even more punch!

Our Sealant is specifically designed for use with Method’s cluster lashes! It creates a seal around the lashes, protecting against dirt, water, and environmental insults! It contains polymers that repel water, allowing longer and even more resistant wear of your Method Lashes!!

Now together in one too! Dual ended making travel even that much easier with your lashes!

Sealant 4ml

Diva ➕ Diamond Duo 4ml