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Primitive Bandless Lashes


An essential addition to our Bandless collection.

Primitive is our shortest lash, oart of our Bandless collection, a nearly naked design with our thinnest band.  This feather-like lash gives a 3-dimensional pop with its flawlessly fluffy look with a gorgeous natural curl.

Primitive is a wispy blended lash that will provide a natural beautiful appearance to any eye.

This lash is shorter on the inside, getting progressively longer as you reach the outer corner of the eye for a natural flawless look. Creating a gorgeous Natural eye!

Primitive is 10mm-12mm 


**Be careful when removing the lash cluster from the packaging as this lash is very delicate. Be sure to use the applicator and to pull gently on the full cluster - not single lashes or they risk detaching from the cluster.**

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