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Primitive Bandless Lashes 10-12mm



She is the shortest girl on the block. She is a progressive lash, subtle in her length - but don’t underestimate her ability to take you from the most natural to the office girl. She is perfect for glasses, comfortable, and varies from 10-12mm.

She is set on a clear band, and extremely light weight. Don’t underestimate her ability to level up your look. She is set on a clear band, and extremely light weight.

Primitive can help you disguise you are even wearing lashes – but still allow your eyes to flutter. 

Primitive is a great entrance into the lash world for teens and grandmothers with eyes of all shapes.

TIP: with the Bandless lashes – for increased comfort be sure you trim the edges of the plastic band if the band is longer than the lash’s edge on the cluster.


**Be careful when removing the lash cluster from the packaging as this lash is very delicate. Be sure to use the applicator and to pull gently on the full cluster - not single lashes or they risk detaching from the cluster.**