Starter Kit - The Love Collection


The Love Collection.

This Collection was designed by Leah and Shelby to spice up Valentine’s Day but adding some sass and flair to YOUR eyes! 2 of our top selling lashes!

Affair - FULL at 16mm 

Prevail - our #1 seller at 14mm

Influence - 12mm of perfection.

This item includes 3 sets of Lashes as mentioned, the Diva Glue in White or Black, and the Method Lash Applicator.  

With this Collection you can use each lash as its own personal style - or create your custom eye using all 3! We love Affair (2 clusters) to the outside eye, Prevail across the middle and then the inner corner complete with the Influence!  


Please tag @methodlash and tell us how you have loved these lashes! 

**You may request your Kit to be shipped with the Lash Diva Glue in Black - however please note we recommend the white glue for new lash users.  Once you become confident with your lash application - then we recommend you try out the Black!! **