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9 Best Fake Eyelashes For Beginners

Welcome to Method Lash where the best fake eyelashes for beginners are here!

Where do we begin? For a lot of folks, a natural lash is the best place to start. This will allow you to slowly ease your way to a new look. A natural lash also complements daily makeup more and won’t distract others from your overall appearance.

So what are some of the best fake eyelashes that look natural? Allow us to recommend some!


Because they are super lightweight, you can get accustomed to wearing the Prevail lashes quite easily. You won’t feel them weighing down on you while you go about your day or as you dance the night away. It’s the ultimate day-to-night lashes - It’s our number one for good reason!

The Prevail lashes are great on their own. If you eventually plan to take the next steps on your lash game, they pair well with other lashes on this list like the Flourish and Conquer (read further to learn about them)!


If you want to achieve a natural look but want a little volume, the Flourish is where it’s at. Made with the same fibres as the Prevail lashes, these offer a decent length to complement the wearing of eyeglasses. 

These also give a flair of mascara (without the mascara). For that extra special event, why not add a little, dare we say, flourish?


If you want an easy recommendation, may we influence you to try the Influence lashes? These are particularly great for all kinds of eye shapes and sizes. You also won’t need to pack that mascara anymore - these provide that look easily! 

As one of the best fake eyelashes with a natural look, the Influence adds a liiiiittle bit of volume. With it, you’ll be accustomed to wearing Method Lashes in no time. 


Who says you can’t go big when you’re just starting? With the Indulge lashes, you get a longer lash, but with the same perks as the others in terms of the fibres and the lightness. These aren’t too heavy, so you can enjoy a night out without “feeling” them too much.

The appropriately named Indulge lashes provide a more luxurious look- that’s what the extra length is for!


How do the Primitive Bandless Lashes differ from the others on our best fake eyelashes list? Most notably, these have a clear band. It’s a more subtle way to level up your look if you don’t want to draw too much attention to your peepers.

What’s more, the Primitive Bandless Lashes are extremely lightweight and have a shorter length. If you wear glasses on a daily basis, these must be a consideration as the best fake eyelashes for beginners!


With a name like that, the Opulent lashes truly live up to its name. It’s a more lavish lash that also provides a delicate feel. They allow you to blend just enough in the office but, when you’re ready to head out after, allow you seamlessly go from a day to a night look.

The Opulent is probably the best fake eyelash that looks natural in Method’s repertoire! 


Since it’s one of the best fake eyelashes with that au natural look, the Opulent is also available in a kit. Not only do they have 3 sets of lashes, but they also come with a compact, a glue, and an applicator. 

No need to look for this or shop for that. The Opulent Starter Kit has everything you need!


Virtually weightless and the shortest among the lashes on the list, there certainly is a lot going for the Allure lashes. Allure is very comfortable. They have a thin, black cotton band. The band itself is flexible, too - the best fake eyelashes have that beloved feature, after all.

If you’re looking for a lash to start with, try the Allure! These are great for younger lash wearers as well! 


Because so many folks are fond of the Allure lashes, they also come in a kit! What do you get in the kit? The Method Lash compact, a Diva Glue, and Method Lash Applicator all come in this set - and, of course, 3 sets of Allure Lashes.

The basics and the niceties are all here. That’s why the Allure Starter Kit is so popular!

Have a Fabu-Lash Time

Method Lash has paved the way for comfortable, high-quality lashes. The fibres used to make them soft and feel weightless - yet they’re still durable! To top it all off, they are safe for allergy-prone skin. Everyone deserves a levelled-up lash, that’s for sure!


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