Careful Care & Cleaning

May 08, 2021 1 min read

Care. Let’s talk how to care for the lashes On and off the eye.


You can absolutely wash your face - in fact we encourage it (😉 ha ha). Twice per day. Be careful around the eye and don’t rub the eye. Use a cotton pad or a-tip swap to wipe close the lash line (to remove excess eye liner or shadow).


Use plain mascara wands with water or even lint free lip brushes to wipe the lashes with water also to prevent bacterial growth.


To remove lashes. We encourage you to NOT PULL the lashes off. Use our ##veganlashcleanser or eye make up remover or miceller water on a Colton pad to saturate the lashes and then gently swipe off the lashes.


Proper care will always increase the wear and longevity of the lashes.

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Leah Johnson-Coyle
Leah Johnson-Coyle

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