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Importance of Proper Eyelash and Eyebrow Care: Tips for Healthy Growth and Maintenance

We know we’re in the beauty business here. But we can take some time every now and then to talk about facts and science! Natural beauty is the best kind and we think you can agree.

That’s where we’ll start. We’ll go into a little bit about why your natural eyebrows and eyelashes are important and then give a few tips on how to keep them pristine and clean. They do more than just give your face its distinct features. That’s why we all must know how to care for them!

Why Lash and Eyebrow Care Are Important?

The Difference

We’ll keep it quick. After all, this may be common knowledge at this point. But bear with us. 

Eyebrows are those strips of hair that grow on top of your eye sockets. What’s their purpose? They prevent sweat, water, or debris from rolling down straight to your eye sockets. If any of them happen to get through or don’t go through your brows… 

…Your eyelids are there to shield your eyes at a closer level. You’ve got your upper and your lower eyelids. If anything comes into contact with them, it will likely trigger your eyes to shut and further protect them from irritants.

Get it? Got that? Great! We can move on.

Eyebrow Care

eyebrow care

Some have fuller brows and some have thinner brows… Regardless, we can all agree that healthy eyebrows are clean ones. You don’t need to go out of your way to wash them in particular. Just get to them whenever you wash your face (which we hope you do daily!). For this, regular soap would be just fine. You could opt to use specially-made cleansers if you feel they work better for you.

When it comes to maintaining the physical appearance of your brows, you can pluck or shape them yourself or have them done professionally. When you do, just remember to wash up. Sure you won’t get to do it immediately. Just get to it when you get home. If you don’t, some bits of hair might get stuck in your brows. Or worse, the skin and the area around it may react to the tools used during maintenance. We can’t always be sure that they’re sanitised before each use!

What else can you do to keep your eyebrows healthy? Supplement your brow care with oils and serums if you choose to do so. They may help keep your brows moisturised and looking their best!

How to Take Care of Eyelashes

eyelash care

Your lashes can also be cleaned during your face-washing routine though you might want to do some extra little things to make sure you get all the dirt and grime off. That said, you can’t just rub on your eyes to clean them. Your eyelashes aren’t as “accessible” as your eyebrows. If you’re too hard on them, you could accidentally pluck a few strands off and you certainly wouldn’t want that! 

You can use your fingers or a swab to clean your lashes. For products, best to use oil cleansers free from alcohol and oils (like micellar water). Remember that you’re cleaning the eyelids - which are far closer to your actual eyes than your brows. Harsher products’ fumes will irritate your eyes! Be gentle and work your cleansers and soaps between your lashes, rinse with water, and dry them off with a clean towel afterward. If you wear falsies often, you must take lash cleaning a little more seriously because all that glue may lead to more buildup over time.

Sometimes simple works best. Baby shampoo works quite well to remove lash glue residue and dirt from your eyelids and lashes. The same can be used to clean your falsies before and after you wear them. Another perk about using baby shampoo is that they aren’t as pricey as getting a dedicated cleanser. 

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What Happens If We Don’t Keep Everything Clean?

eyelash and eyebrow

Certain things can happen if you wear false lashes or put on brow liners. The symptoms may be because you’ve done them wrong, used unclean products, or have more sensitive skin.

These negative symptoms are irritation, redness, soreness, and even pain. To a scarier extent, your eyes or the area around it may even swell and your vision could also blur. Just remember - they’re your eyes. You use them every day. So, take care of them by keeping them healthy and clean.

These symptoms can mostly be avoided if you observe eyelash and eyebrow care as well as maintain clean tools and products. It’s all in how you keep your lashes healthy…and your brows, too!

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Now You Know About Eyelash and Eyebrow Care

Method Lash is known for its premium and excellent-quality lashes and products. These were practically made for folks with sensitive skin because we know just how hard it is to find daily lashes that look and feel good to wear every day.


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