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How To Choose Perfect Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape?

As much as people might think, it is not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to lash extensions. Different shapes and styles of lashes will accentuate your eyes and help to create that alluring look we’re all after. There are several different types of eye shapes that will affect this decision. No need to worry about figuring this out though, we have you covered!

We will cover the six most common different types of eye shapes. From there, you’ll be able to figure out what’s my eye shape, how to choose eyelashes, and what to look for. We’ll also include some top-of-the-range examples of each variety for you to choose from. It really couldn’t be easier to add some lashes to your list of accessories these days!

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are probably the most common of all the varieties. They resemble the almond nut shape which is fairly wide, but not very high in height. One side of the eye is generally a little wider than the other. Also known as the ‘cat eye’, this eye shape has a naturally enticing look and doesn’t require a massively long lash to create a bold, sultry effect.

There really isn’t a particular restriction as to what you’re able to and unable to use. One of the best lashes we could recommend would be these Flourish 12mm lashes. They add subtle volume and create that ‘low effort’ look. These are perfect for casual wear, formal wear, and pictures!

Courage 12 mm
Quick View

Our Courage lashes are another fantastic option for almond eyes. They are slightly thicker at the base, bringing some attention to the middle of the eye, with a wonderful wispy lash to complete the look.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are fairly similar to almond eyes. They’re a little bit more symmetrical and don’t necessarily have one side. They are called hooded eyes because they somewhat resemble a hood! 

When thinking about how to choose eyelashes, we look for ones that will complement our eyes. This eye shape is wonderfully complimented by a layered lash look. These Influence 12mm lashes combine with your own lashes to produce a mesmerizing, layered look. The thickened yet shorter lashes will make the symmetrical whites of your eyes pop!

Influence 12mm
Quick View

These Fascinate lashes are another amazing option to help ‘open up’ your eyes. With a length of 14-16 mm, these lashes have a thin, regal look. They allow eyes that are slightly more compact to really blossom and appear captivatingly open.

Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes are fairly self-explanatory. They are where an eye sits a little bit deeper into the eye socket. A feature of these eyes is much less of a pink ring around the circumference of the eyeball. This creates a generally less vertically wide eye, with a greater presence of bright white and your own eye colour. 

These eyes benefit from slightly other characteristics than the previous two varieties. They work better with a little bit more length and a little bit less thickness and layering. These 14mm Scandal lashes are perfect for these types of shapes of eyes. The length gives a little bit more width to the eye and makes your eye colour pop just that little bit more.

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes have an enticing, gripping look. They can be thought of as vintage, with a wider middle and narrower edges. These eyes do not need much help looking full, though if you are looking for something to bolster your look then you might be looking for something to make the edges more bold.

These Grace 13 mm lashes have an absolutely fantastic curl that will give you this very look. They add an incredible roundness and evenness to your eyes that will give as much attention to those bright whites as the colour of your eye!

We have another option that provides a bolder, alluring statement. These Glory lashes promote a natural cat-eyed, bold look. They help you take your look from natural to extraordinary. They are the perfect little boost to make your look memorable. 

Prominent Eyes

Prominent eyes are also referred to as wide eyes. These are where you can see some white around the entire eye, not just the sides. The colour tends to pop and people generally can’t help but make eye contact! When thinking about the different eye shapes If you want to add some lash extensions you probably won’t want more volume.

Wide eyes are absolutely beautiful but can sometimes lack a little edge. This is where these incredible Scandal lashes can help! They add an incredibly bold, fierce edge to your look and work for so many occasions.

Scandal 14mm
Quick View

We absolutely love to put these Aptitude lashes on to compliment prominent eyes. The voluminous appearance adds the perfect amount of wow to your eyes and can create a deliciously sultry look. 


All of our lashes work really well with contacts, but we’ve also got some great options for those of you who wear glasses. Glasses and lashes can be a magical combination, entrancing those who get the chance to hold your eyes. We’ve got a bolder option and a more subtle option depending on the occasion.

Vixen 12mm
Quick View

These Vixen 12mm lashes offer fantastic fullness that will stand out beneath most glasses on the market. These are great for everyday use and work so well at work and formal events. If you want something a little bit more full, with a thicker, more outstanding look then these Courage 12mm lashes will be perfect! They’re great for formal evening fun! 

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We hope you have enjoyed reading about the different types of lashes that can help to make your eyes pop. All eyes are beautiful, and when considering lash extensions, are beautiful canvases for additional flair. Have a look at our website for the highest-quality lashes on the market!


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