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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect False Eyelashes for Every Occasion

Yes, there’s a time and a place where the long lashes shine. No, please don’t wear them during a conference meeting for work. While you certainly could, it would seem a tad, shall we say, tacky.

But don’t worry. We won’t simply come here to tell you the don’ts of applying false eyelashes. We’re actually going to give you some scenarios when wearing certain false eyelashes. We’ll even give you specific eyelash recommendations so that you’re more than set!

Are you excited? So are we! Let’s choose the perfect false eyelash for you!



For the busy moms, for the go-getters, or for those with a side hustle that needs tending to from time to time, you want applying false eyelashes to be easy and straightforward. A day-to-day option may be the best fake eyelashes for beginners, too. You also don’t want a lash that weighs you down. After all, this is for the long haul. You can’t have them falling off and irritating your skin as you go about your day! There is absolutely no time for that.


Here, we’re thinking you need a false eyelash that’s not too long or short. You need something that’s noticeable to others, but not noticeable to you (by that, we mean you’ll want a light lash). If you’re also worried about wearing false eyelashes when you’ve got glasses to wear, we’ve got you with this pick!

Putting on fake eyelashes like the APTITUDE gives you just that extra bit of glam. If you run into your friends, they’ll wonder how you achieve such distinct and expressive eyes when you’re so busy! 

Zoom Meetings


Listen, work-from-home jobs are here to stay! But, alas, zoom meetings and video calls are a must. With the call focused on the shoulders-up (feel free to wear those pyjama pants so that you’re comfy), we need to make sure we look great. No matter how grainy the video quality is, people can tell and even notice the effort. Your boss will appreciate it and, who knows, it could earn you a little extra brownie points!

So, for this scenario, we’re thinking that you may want to apply some false eyelashes, but not keep them on for days at a time. You are staying at home after all. Putting on fake eyelashes, applying a little makeup, and adding a little lip will be enough for the camera to pick up. 


How to choose the right lashes for an e-meet? PREVAIL is a little longer so and features a mascara look - perfect so that you won’t actually need to if you don’t want to. These will make your eyes pop and maybe even draw you more looks. If people notice you, they remember your attendance!

For Getting The Job Done


Whether you’ve got a 9 to 5 or are working to get one by nailing a job interview, you need a lash that will grab attention and keep folks glued at your peepers. When you’re talking to the right people, you want them to look at your pretty face and not anywhere else. No pen-tapping interruptions or leg-shaking distractions. Just you and the person you’re talking to!


We aren’t all so lucky. Some of us can’t work from the comfort of our homes. That being said, we do need to look the part. Think of a lash that meets the best of the couple we mentioned earlier - A robust lash that can handle the daily grind and one that you feel the weight of wearing.

Enter the appropriately named COURAGE lash! Bold and wispy with a slim cotton band, it can make the hard-working woman look stunning!

A Night Out Or A Fancy Occasion

Do you want to grab the looks and the attention of everyone? Well, now’s the time to let your eyes really pop! A night out is the time to let your hair down. Be a little carefree. A longer lash gives you that extra confidence, perfect for doing just the thing. 

A longer lash gives you so many possibilities. A long, bodacious gown? A long lash matches. A cocktail dress? They can meet the mood. You come off as so mysterious hiding behind them and, when you show people how beautiful your eyes are, they can’t help but just stand in awe.


Make heads turn with the AFFAIR lash. Yes, we still think that they make great wedding looks with a name like that. 

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False Eyelashes, True Confidence!

Method Lash lashes never disappoint. With a few lashes in your repertoire, you can instantly elevate your overall look. Plus, the material they’re made of? Absolutely divine. They feel weightless and won’t irritate your skin! If you’re getting false eyelashes, THESE are the ones to get.


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