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The Science Behind DIY Lash Care: Ingredients, Techniques, and Tips

At Method Lash, we are all about having fabulous lashes. Though we make eyelash extensions for you, that wouldn’t be possible without healthy lashes from which to attach. We always encourage all of our customers to keep healthy and sustainable lash growth habits. This will all be explained in this guide!

There are so many reasons to grow happy and healthy lashes beyond beauty! Eyelashes actually play an essential part in keeping things out of your eyes. Your eyelashes are incredible things that are specially made for your eyes specifically. Whether you wear eye makeup or not, you should always have healthy lashes.

Eyelashes can get a bit of a beating these days. People tend to be more active, wear more eyewear, use more lash products, and see more diverse climates. Your eyelashes are pretty sturdy, however, and should be able to withstand all of these changes. If you follow our lash care tips you’ll be able to watch your lashes thrive and live beautiful lives.

Once you have healthy lashes, you can really experiment with eyelash extensions. You can play around with different types of lashes including length, thickness, and color. We will explain how to grow lashes naturally, how to grow eyelashes naturally at home, and then how to look to get into eyelash extensions.

We will run through some of the common tools and why they might not work, before turning to some processes that we recommend!

Eyelash Care Products

lash care products

There are many serums you can buy at Pharmacies and beauty stores that claim to be able to encourage eyelash growth. These claim to be able to help you grow longer eyelashes in as little as two months. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to really work. This is for a few reasons but ultimately there’s just no guarantee your eyelashes will respond in the way that these companies claim.

You can get a prescription serum or something over the counter. These are both not guaranteed to work, unfortunately. Even if they do, they can also damage your skin or prevent the longevity of the growth of your eyelashes. Basically, it’s best not to add anything completely artificial to your sensitive eye area.

There is one serum that is proven to be pretty effective. While we cannot speak on the validity of the studies or reports, we do know that it is FDA approved. Latisse is a lash serum that is considered to be quite effective. We have heard really good things about this serum and it can hopefully encourage healthy eyelashes.

Please consult a physician or dermatologist before using this serum. Latisse has been reported to discolor and damage eyes in some cases.

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Natural Products

Vitamin E

vitamin E

Vitamin E has become a truly popular go-to for homegrown lashes. Vitamin E is known to be the primary vitamin that stimulates hair growth among a variety of different metabolic functions. Vitamin E is commonly found in many foods that you’ll eat regularly as part of a standard Western diet.

Vitamin E supplements, unfortunately, have not been proven effective in establishing continuous lash growth. Vitamin E oil is a common product but there hasn’t actually been that much proof that it helps. Some people have claimed it even has an adverse effect! If you have a Vitamin E deficiency it is possible that extra Vitamin E might stimulate growth though there isn’t much proof for this.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut Oil is one of the most versatile and wonderful natural tools. Coconut oil is great as a skin moisturizer, a cooking oil, a hair-repairing agent, and many more. Coconut oil, particularly cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil, is known for being helpful with hair so why would it not be good for lashes?

There is no real link between coconut oil and extended lash growth. Though coconut oil can help your hair grow strong and healthy, it doesn’t seem to be appropriate to stimulate eyelash hair growth. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading a bit about how to care for your eyelashes, some of the most popular and effective methods, and a bit about how your eyelashes can thrive in the right conditions! Remember that it is more important to care for your lashes on a daily basis rather than boost them with compounds to encourage growth!


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