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7 Eyelashes Care Tips For Summer

Summer is upon us and we are so excited! Spending more time outdoors and doing more things in the daytime, hopefully, drenched in the sunshine is what we’ve been craving! We’ve got all of our summer looks ready to roll! We can’t wait to put on those lovely summer dresses and brighter, warmer colours.

There are some things that we adapt for summer. Obviously, our clothing and hairstyling might change to suit the warmer weather. However, our lash extension care should also be adapted for the warmer climate.

Here at Method Lash, we have some amazing summer lash extension tips, giving you some amazing tips and tricks for taking care of eyelash extensions. Keep your eyelash extensions looking incredible through all of those long days, warmer nights, and brighter mornings.

The fake eyelashes we make at Method Lash are carefully designed to look and last amazingly for around 7 days. The summer means more moisture on the face and you would think that this might make lash extensions come off quicker. With our lash care tips, this will not be the case!



After applying your lash extensions with the glue we provide, it is important to wait 3-5 hours before going in direct sunlight. This might seem like a long while, especially as the glue might have seemed to have dried by then. One of our summer lash extension tips is to wait even longer than you might think.

What we are waiting for is not the actual drying of the glue. It is a process called curing. Curing is a chemical reaction caused by an adhesive (in this case, glue). This process creates an insanely strong, irreversible bond that helps to keep your lash extensions on longer.

The reason we want to do this in summer is that if it is particularly hot out, let's say in the car/bus/train on your morning commute, the glue won’t fully become solid and will cause the lash extensions to fall off. We do not want this! Avoid sunlight as much as you can after applying for the first 3-5 hours and you should be good to go.

Use A Sealant

Using a sealant might be something you have already gathered within your lash care tips. For those who might not know, sealants are a fantastic way to help your lashes stay on for longer. Get the most out of your lashes and get your money's worth by using a sealant!

Our luxury lash sealant is designed to help repel water that might find its way near your lashes on a day-to-day basis. This allows for the lashes to stay looking fresh, bold, and sultry for as long as possible.

The sealant not only blocks water from affecting the lashes, but it also works with sunlight. Blocking sunlight allows for the lashes to stay in place, maintaining their shape throughout the entire period you are wearing them.


You might not need any encouragement to wear sunglasses in the summer. We personally put them on as soon as the sun peers out! We love using them as an accessory to help bring a look together. We also try and avoid squinting in pictures wherever possible!

Some of our lash extension care tips actually revolve around wearing sunglasses. If you’re in two minds about whether they will affect the lash integrity, do not worry! Sunglasses will not have any negative impact on your lash extensions at all! In fact, they actually help keep the lashes out of sunlight, and therefore help to preserve them. Darker glasses help more in this case.

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Fusing Your Lashes

Fusing Your Lashes

Fusing your lashes can be a fantastic way to keep your lash extension care on point. This process essentially fuses your natural lashes with your lash extensions. This makes them stronger and more durable in conditions that might impair their integrity more than usual everyday life.

Lash fusion can be achieved using a fuse control wand. This is something we might do on a daily or bi-daily basis usually. In summer, just in case, we recommend doing this in the morning and at night when exposed to excessive heat! This might seem a little over the top, but we believe this is a secret to incredible summer lashes.


Sweating, humidity, and sunscreen can all impair the integrity of the bond of the eyelashes. These three factors are all out in spades throughout the summer! That is why we recommend cleansing the face and eye region after you have experienced a bit of sweating, or if you feel your suncream is running.

Simply washing the area with water is a perfectly good practice to ensure that the lashes have a foundation to maintain. We don’t see this as a chore anymore. It’s an incredible way to ensure that your skincare routine is maintained during the summer months!

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We hope you have learned some new summer lash extension tips. Remember, our lashes are all meant to last so if they are falling off prematurely, you might need to address one or more of these issues. Ultimately, enjoy your amazing summer feeling great the whole time with our summer lash maintenance tips!


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