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Sustainable Glam: How to Choose and Dispose of False Eyelashes Responsibly

We all love fake eyelashes. They simply add so much to our natural beauty. They can work specifically for our face and eye shape to accentuate things we want to accentuate and hide things we want to hide! False lashes are so great as they can be used for multiple days at a time which reduces our getting ready time!

In the current world we are living in, it is super important to be responsible for your own practices and make sure we are looking after our planet. Sustainability is incredibly important for ensuring our world is safe for generations to come. This is why it’s important to make smart decisions across the board!

You may not have thought it, but there is an art hot to choose the right false eyelashes. The eyelash industry hasn’t always paid sustainability any mind. There are some tips and tricks we have learned to enable you to live the most sustainable false eyelash-wearing life possible! At Method Lash, sustainability is one of our top priorities.

We will walk you through some of the best practices for how to choose fake lashes, some essential answers around sustainable eyelash care, some misunderstood things about the eyelash industry, and more. We will often refer to our practices as we believe at Method Lash, we have worked really hard to have some of the most sustainable practices in the eyelash market.


eyelash material

Lashes used to be made from animal hairs back in the day. This is still a fairly widely used practice. Using animals that are farmed for their hair is unnecessarily cruel and egests unnecessary carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is exactly what we are trying to reduce in our sustainability efforts.

There are so many synthetic products that are just as good, if not better than animal hair. Synthetic fibers are stronger and more durable than animal hair as they are specially made for this purpose. Of course, depending on your ethnic heritage, your eyelashes will differ slightly. Don’t worry, you will be able to find the right fit for you.

At Method Lash, we use completely environmentally friendly lash fibers to make our lovely lashes. These lashes are durable and the production is always being refined to be as minimally impactful on the environment.


Our lashes are built to last for 7-10 days. This cannot be said for all eyelash extensions. We definitely recommend using these lashes for the allotted time. After 10 days you might have some issues with cleanliness, adhesion, and a few others. These are built to last up to 10 days, however.

Best practices for ensuring that your eyelashes last for as long as possible are: ensuring you clean them daily, using our recommended adhesive, keeping out of the hot sun and water for at least 2 hours after application, and generally engaging in roughhousing activity while you’re wearing them if possible!


Ideally all of the above and below points will be followed and your eyelash extension sustainability game will be on point. In any case, disposal is an important aspect. Though they are small in size, eyelash extensions are hardy materials and are not that easily compostable.

In the case of our lashes, these are synthetic lashes that need to be recycled in the proper manner in order for them to properly be disposed of. At Method Lash, every order is delivered with a recycling kit that is super easy to use.

Each and every lash is recycled to make new paper and plastic for new usage! This wonderful circle of production helps to reduce the amount of new materials used and make the most of the ones we have used.


method lash

The bigger the brand, the less likely it is that they will be a sustainable brand. This is a generalization but it is the truth. As corporations grow, they have a greater need for profit and this becomes the sole focus of their work. This is a necessary part of their economy, but it is harmful to the environment. Bigger brands often tend to ignore sustainability calls and simply donate money to environmental causes to mask their impact.

Supporting smaller companies, such as Method Lash, who have a promise and commitment to sustainable practices is your best bet at keeping honest with your sustainability. Choosing smaller operations can keep you and your habits honest, and sustainable!

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We hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit on how to choose and dispose of false eyelashes in a responsible, and sustainable way. Remember, eyelashes can be enjoyed sustainably as well and supporting smaller companies is a great way of doing this!


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