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The Ultimate Guide To Wispy Lashes

Wispy eyelashes are a more recent trend, but they are some of our favourites. The characteristics of wispy lashes are evident spikes and a luscious appearance. The look is designed to create a smooth, natural appearance while highlighting some of the natural, beautiful aspects of the eye.

Wispy eyelashes are seen as a hybrid: neither too bold nor too thin-looking. Wispy hybrid lashes are fantastic for the wide range of occasions you might attend in your life. They are great for work events, dinner parties, nights out, and anywhere with a camera! 

Wispy eyelashes work with a wide variety of eyes, but they pair fantastically well with cat-eyed eyelashes. Wispy cat eyelashes work fantastically well with cat-eyed people because they add a lot of lengths to compliment the width naturally present. Cat eyes are similar to almond eyes and are wider than they are high.

Here at Method Lash, we have some of the best handmade lash extensions on the market. We have wispy eyelashes in several varieties that can suit your eye shape perfectly well.


Apptitude wispy lashes

Our Aptitude lashes are our wispiest blended lashes that give an incredible volume while also appearing natural. This is makeup without makeup. Aptitude lashes are versatile lash extensions that can help elevate your look with ease.

These lashes are perfect for almond-shaped eyes, cat-shaped eyes, and deep-set eyes, and work fantastically well with glasses too! These wispy lashes provide a consistent and subtle embellishment to your natural look.

For those days when you need to go in for a big work meeting, go out for lunch, finish the work day, go out for drinks, stay out for dinner and want to still come home looking good, these are perfect. 

Our Aptitude lashes are uniquely shaped so that they can be as complimentary to your eye shape and colour as possible. Aptitude lashes really don’t have any downsides and can uplift any eye shape for all occasions!

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1.1.1 lashes

1.1.1 Is a blend of our Aptitude and Scandal lashes in perfect harmony. It is a blend of light fibres, providing an extending, empowering look to your eyes. 1.1.1. Features one of our thinnest bands and one of the thinnest on the market! The result is incredibly light, comfortable, and stunning.

1.1.1. Signifies alignment, an ideal balance to life when things just work together. These lashes are designed to help bring out the best of your almond and deep-set eyes. They provide a wonderful, alluring look that we hope will bring you a little dose of extra confidence you might need for your event!

These wispy lashes are understated but effective. We designed them to be a symbol of self-love and assured confidence. We want these lashes to be your biggest fan and give you that little boost when you’re getting ready to feel incredible!



These optimist lashes are a masterpiece in our opinion. They are made up of a blend of lashes that give a natural and realistic look. Clusters of different lengths of fibres give an incredible lift that makes the eyes sparkle. We love these for the cat eye look, and almond eyes, but especially for the hooded eyes.

These lashes are set on a clear band so as to not make the eyes appear too bold and filled in. They are designed especially for those lovely nights with friends when you want to feel a little bit more confident and assured. 

These wispy lashes provide amazing length and lift and will not interfere with your glasses. Simply trim them as needed as per our instructions and you should be able to tailor your look around these lashes with ease. 

The best part about these lashes is that you can either go bold and extravagant, or more understated. You’ll be able to wear these for days on end without any issues. They might well become your new best friend and the first thing that you think of when packing your toiletries bag for holiday!

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We hope you have enjoyed our outline of some of our favourite wispy lashes. These are some of our favourite, multi-use lashes that can help put a little bit of extra pep in your step for your event or occasion or even holiday!


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