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Glamour. Method’s Cashmere Lash Line. 15-16 mm



She is a force to be reckoned with. She is everything you are looking for in a longer lash. She is a vivacious 15-16mm blend and was born to bring out the best in all women. She will have all the heads turning with her bold glam. Her flawless curl truly sets her apart from all the Others.

Glamour is perfect for the prominent shaped eye. She is a lifer.

The Cashmere lashes are like no other lash launched before. They have a nearly invisible blac band to create a perfectly blended look. Their band is light and soft making it feel like you're not even wearing them. You will never go back! The way their fibers were designed is to mimic the natural eyelash and it is just perfect.


At Method, our fake eyelashes are handmade with love and attention. With that said there may be slight differences from one strand to the next. So don't be alarmed if one sets slightly different from another - it was likely made by a different pair of careful loving hands.