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7 Best Eyelashes For Almond Eyes

Did you know that almond eyes are one of the most common? This makes them very versatile for styling. More likely, you’ll also come across lashes for small almond eyes (or larger ones) that look great on you straight out of the gate. Consider yourself lucky to have this eye shape!

So, are almond eyes called that because of their colour? No - though that’s a great guess. As we’ve been hinting, they’re called that for their shape. Almond eyes distinctively have a long or narrow shape. Think oval.


One of the lashes for almond eyes was actually a limited release! These have a spiky look that offers that glam edge. The AMOUR is great for a date look or just nights out in general. You won’t feel out of place wearing them in the morning and sporting them in the bar.

The AMOUR lashes for almond eyes are easy to apply and offer a layered look. Speaking of, you can apply more than one to add that extra level of dimension. 

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The name practically speaks for itself! For those that dare, the AUDACIOUS opens you up to a bolder, more luscious lash. It might make good lashes for small almond eyes, as they’ll help grab attention.

The AUDACIOUS has a shorter lash length, but they have a fuller, more lush appearance. Short and sweet, that’s what these are!


If you’re a fan of applying cat eye lashes on almond eyes, maybe consider the CHERISH. It’s a lash that blends well and suits the fancy look or the subtle office glam. If you want something fuller, you can layer these bandless lashes!

The CHERISH is one you’ll definitely love. We’d also recommend this as you can play around with different lash styles for almond eyes with this one.


Full, wispy, and voluminous (that’s a word), the APTITUDE certainly stands out. It’s another of the best eyelashes for almond eyes - it’s as if it was made for them! For ladies that feel like eyeglasses bring down their look, this is a great counter to that conundrum.

The APTITUDE has the aptitude to elevate any look to glam status. They have a more forgiving length as well, which makes having them in your back pocket a good idea.


The FLOUSRISH can work its magic! As far as lashes for hooded almond eyes go, this one is a fantastic pick. This is another lash with a decent length. It’s a tool for more seasoned lash layers to style with and it’s welcoming to beginners as well.

Flourish 12mmFlourish 12mm

Though it’s named FLOURISH, it does have a somewhat toned-down look. This is the best lash for almond eyes of all sizes.


Dare to try the DARING lash? This is one to have if you lay on lashes often. Why is that? Well, this lash is virtually weightless. If you think the fibres on our lash are light, then you’ll be surprised to know that these are 70% lighter! 


The DARING lash is versatile and can adapt to a work environment or a fancy night out. You can even layer them on if you’re trying to achieve a fuller lash. Neat, huh?


With a lash like this, Lady Whistledown herself will be clamouring for a SCANDAL. See what we did there? This lash makes itself known, having a longer length and edgy look. This eyelash is literally the talk of the town. It was created after numerous customer feedback and suggestions!


With the SCANDAL, you know you have something that’s user-friendly and beautiful. It serves more than one purpose and that’s what we love about it.

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Can’t Choose Between Best Lashes For Almond Eyes? Try This!

We know that sticking to one lash can be tricky, especially if you’re new and looking to set your own style. For an extra pick, a bonus if you will, may we direct you to this DYNAMIC DUO SET? You’ve heard us rave about the AUDACIOUS lash. Now, it comes in a set alongside the VIXEN. Both are the best lashes for almond eyes in the biz. Try them out solo or layer them on. Find your look with this dreamy pair!

Splish Splash We’re Loving the Lash

Now that we’ve rounded up the best eyelashes for almond-shaped eyes (plus added a little extra in the end), it’s seriously time to test them out. Walk, jog, or spend the night partying with them to truly try them on for size.

Method Lash lases won’t weigh you down thanks to their light fibres. They are sturdy and great for all skin types!


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