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Choosing the Best Lashes for Deep Set Eyes: A Complete Guide

Sometimes, no matter how solid our efforts are, our makeup doesn’t seem to achieve the look we want. This isn’t because of any fault you have it is simply that you might not be using the right tools for your natural characteristics. Buying any old lash extension might not give you the kind of look you are after… until you buy the right one.

Today we will be focusing on choosing the best lashes for deep-set eyes. First, let’s discuss what deep-set eyes actually are. Having larger-looking eyes that sit a little bit deeper into the socket. This often results in a natural shadow around the eye with a reasonable amount of space between the eye and the eyebrow.

People of note who have deep-set eyes are Angelina Jolie, Kiera Knightly, and Megan Fox. Perhaps you belong to this group as well! Deep-set eyes are a wonderful canvas from which to create some fantastic, full looks. 

One of the issues that people who have deep-set eyes have is their eyes not ‘popping’ enough. When working on their eye appearance, they look more towards brightening up the look and creating less of a shadow. This is not the rule, of course, this is just the majority trend. One of the best ways to help deep-set eyes pop is to utilize lash extensions.

At Method Lash, we have the best lashes for deep-set eyes. In addition to all of the other eye types, we love to cater to deep-set eyelashes. Adding a little bit of length with a sort of doll-eye aim will help to create a fabulous look. We will outline several of our amazing products that can help to create this voluminous, widened look.


Our minimalist lashes are the perfect starter lashes. These lashes are light, sturdy, and full of length. They are set on a super fine, clear, cotton elastic band which is incredibly comfortable. These lashes are easy to apply - simply follow the instructions on the packaging and our website for best practices.

The minimalist lashes should last for around 7-10 days and are perfect for everyday use. They are great for someone who needs to be walking into meetings, dinners, social events, and beyond. They will ad some lovely length to your deep-set eyes and make your colour pop!


Our aptitude lashes are full of amazing length that is perfect for deep-set eyelashes. These are definitely some of the best lashes for deep-set eyes. Be prepared to thrive with 11-14 mm of extra lash length!

These lashes provide fabulous volume to the deep-set eye. Yet, they still work really well with glasses and are not overly attention-grabbing. This makes them perfect for work events or any time you just need a little bit of subtle, glam boost.


The fascinate lashes will provide a little bit more of a full look, along with some beautiful length and wispy volume. They are set on a black band that will act as a sort of eyeliner - creating a bold appearance to your eyes.

These are amazing lashes for deep-set eyes. The volume will bring out some amazing shape in your natural eye structure that you will love. These lashes are wonderful for the more fun occasions - weddings, birthdays, hen parties, or whatever you want to look glam for.


These glory lashes are the perfect line between everyday, subtle accentuation and extravagant. We like to describe them as bold without saying too much. This makes them fabulous for a holiday, work trip, or weekend away with friends.

These glory lashes will add up to 16mm in length! Having this length, especially in the middle of deep-set eyes can transform your look from understated and shy to bold and beautiful. These lashes are super comfortable and we know you will love them.


These glamour lashes are incredible. These lashes are made from Cashmere to give a luscious, refined look that elevates your eyes to new heights. They are so incredibly comfortable you can wear them for days on end without even being aware they are on your face!

These glamour lashes are perfect for big events, important days, or just for a little confidence boost when you need to glam up in an instant. These are some of the best eyelashes for deep-set eyes.

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We hope you have learned about how you can elevate your deep-set eye look with our incredible range of lashes. We hope to offer you an option for every occasion. All of these lashes are perfect for deep-set eyes in particular, though we have an amazing range for all eye shapes on our website!


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