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Wispy vs Volume Lashes - Which Is Right for You?

False lashes can transform your look instantly. Going from looking fabulous to looking dolled up is one of our favorite things to do. This can all be done by simply applying some top-quality false lashes. At Method Lash, we only make the very best lashes that we hope will suit every single occasion you need.

Finding the right kind of lashes can be difficult. There is quite a range of different options out there and some of them are quite similar in style. We will aim to distinguish between two of the most popular varieties at the moment: wispy lashes vs volume lashes. We have both wispy lashes and volume lashes for all sorts of occasions on our website today.

Wispy Lashes

wispy lashes

Wispy lashes are considered more of an everyday look. These false lashes will definitely make your eyes look bold in general, but they have a greater emphasis on adding some natural-looking length to your eyes.

Wispy lashes are not strictly uniform in length and width which helps to give a more natural feeling to them. Wispy lashes are perfect for any and all occasions. They work really nicely for nights out, holidays, day parties, and work events.

Wispy lashes are designed to work with all eye shapes. They are especially perfect for cat-eyed, almond-eyed, and hooded-eyed people who want to get a bit of extra length in a more natural way.


Our go-to for Wispy lashes is our Optimist lashes. They have blended lengths of fibers that help to create a light, layered, wispy look. They are part of our ‘bandless’ collection. This means they are set on a transparent band that is invisible! This allows so much more playful wiggle room for your look.

We also love our Aptitude lashes for the wispy look. These wispy lash extensions give a natural makeup look without makeup! Simply apply them to have a beautifully-crafted look for 7-10 days.

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Volume Lashes

volume lashes

Volume lashes are a little bit more reflective of their name. Volume lashes are designed to provide some bold, beautiful presence to your lashes. They are eye-catching, enticing, alluring, and sultry. They make having a bold look much easier to acquire and maintain, especially for consecutive days.

Volume lash extensions have to be divided into two categories: soft and full volume. Though these are seemingly different scoping adjectives, they are the industry standard to distinguish between the weight of the lash extensions.

Soft Volume

Soft Volume lash extensions are designed to add density and weight to your lashes without adding too much drama. These are the slightly less glamorous, more natural-looking volume lashes. These are perfect for weddings, garden parties, birthdays, and more. 


We love these lashes as save so much time in the powder room. They make being on holiday so much easier as you don’t have to worry about running makeup! We love our Conquer lashes for soft-volume looks. 

Full Volume

Full volume, as you might have guessed, is our go-to for the boldest looks. Full-volume lash extensions are designed to max out your look, creating a glam and fun look. Full-volume lashes will help you out on a wedding day, bridal shower, hen party, birthday, holiday, and so many more occasions. It’s really all down to you!

Audacious is one of our signature lashes. This bold beauty is big while still being light and soft. The band is basically transparent which makes it easy to pair with eye shadows and eyeliners. These volume lash extensions will bring amazing weight and body to all eye shapes and colors.

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We hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about what distinguishes wispy and volume lashes. Remember to think of them as 7-10 day long-lasting accessories. Have a look at our website for other fantastic options for wispy lashes and volume lashes.


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