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Classic vs Volume Lashes: Understanding the Difference

We understand that getting to know lashes isn’t easy for some. False lashes aren’t particularly talked about to the extent that we do other things like mascara, powder, or blush - not until the need arises for them, for the most part. 

That’s why we’ve been on an education journey here at Method Lash. We’re learning all about lashes along with you, finding out how each is unique and how they can best be accessorised. For now, we’re all about volume lashes vs classic lashes. Let’s jump right in!

What Are Classic Lashes?

We’ve learned before that classic lashes are known for giving a softer, more subtle look. They are single lash extensions that go on your natural lash. These are lighter and you won’t necessarily feel any weight as you go about your day.


Classic lashes come in different lengths and thicknesses. They can also come styled, having a curl. Classic lashes may be familiar to most and often come to mind when simply mentioning false lashes. Your mom or even your mom’s mom may have bought and used one before!

What Are Volume Lashes?

volume lash extension

What are volume lash extensions? Well, it’s all in the name! Volume lashes look thicker as they usually consist of two or more lashes laid on top of each other. But it’s not as simple as that, though. The lashes are often fanned out to still make it look better. The goal here is to get a fuller lash look. 

Fanned, fuller, and fantastic, volume lashes will certainly grab attention if you want them to. They’ll certainly help keep people’s eyes on you as you engage with them! If that’s a bit too much, you can get soft volume lashes.

Difference Between Classic and Volume Lashes

From what we mentioned just before, we can now infer that the main difference is how they look. Volume lashes will look fuller than classic lashes. That said, the former will also tend to be heavier. 

Applying them will not exactly be the same as you may need to do a little more prep work when applying a set of volume eyelashes. 


Classic lashes will, of course, look more natural compared to volume lashes. They could even have that mascara look without you ever needing to apply it.

When Should I Get Volume Vs Classic Lashes?

Before we get into when or where you can apply each lash and what occasion they’re better suited for, let’s get into a quick note about them.

If you look at your natural lashes and find them looking thin, then volume lashes may be better for you so that you can achieve some balance. Some of us just have thinner and sparse lashes - and that’s ok! However, if you find that you have thicker lashes, the classics will serve you well.

Keeping that in mind, your everyday lash needs will likely be sorted!

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Dress Up or Down: Classic Vs Volume Lashes


Let’s start with the natural-looking classic lash! These will be fantastic for everyday use as they can make your eyes look a little more done up than usual. That’s also why they are perfect in a corporate environment - think business meetings and conference calls. You get that confidence boost without distracting too much (if at all).

Go for a classic lash when you’re going on a casual date! If your date wants to go for a stroll, have a round of mini golf, or dine in at a restaurant, these will blend nicely with the outfits you may already be planning in your head. Plus, once that date is done, you can still rock them in the workplace!


How about the volume lashes? We don’t like to think of them as distracting. We like to think of volume lashes as eye-catching! Use these for fancier occasions. Invited to a yacht party? You can bet we’re putting on a volume lash. A floor-length fit deserves a full lash to go along with it.

Have you scheduled a couples’ shoot? Volume lashes will make your eyes look extra pretty and camera-ready. Just remember, they can feel a little weighty compared to the classics. It shouldn’t really be uncomfortable to wear at all. If they do, you may need to make some adjustments.

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Classic Vs Volume Lashes…Now We Know! 

As you learn, so do we. We like finding out about the different lashes we encounter. And don’t they look gorgeous?

Buuuuuut if you really want a pair of reliable, sturdy, and beautiful eyelashes, you can always pick some up here at Method! We’ve all kinds of styles and lengths as well as some necessities if you truly want to level up your lash game!


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